SSD performance

Another little-known element in computer systems that directly affects your experience is the SSD. The processor and graphics card may be increasing the performance of your system. But the speed is determined by SSD and HDD. If you wish, you can buy 500 GB or 1 TB HDD and keep the memory of the device high. However, buying an affordable SSD and installing Windows on it will speed up your usage, especially the system’s startup and shutdown speed, at least 10 times on paper and 4-5 times in real use.

Of course, how much you keep the budget here is very important. As we said, at worst, you can get a 120GB SATA SSD and install Windows here. However, if you buy M2 SSDs that you can plug directly into the motherboard just like RAM and can cost almost 1.5-2 times, your speed can increase up to 50 times on paper.

For example, a high speed HDD can read up to 80 Megabytes of files per second. However, the speeds of M2 SSDs can go up to 3 thousand or even 5 thousand. For example, on a computer using a low-speed HDD, where the boot time of GTA 5 is 5 minutes, you can reduce this time to 10 seconds with a fast M2 SSD.

Users generally do not care about the motherboard in order to allocate more budget for the processor and graphics card. In fact, while they buy a 10 thousand lira graphics card and 5 thousand lira processor, they turn to 600-700 TL motherboards. But then they can get upset when their processors do not perform as expected.

We see this often in people who buy Intel’s K-series and AMD’s X-series (overclockable) processors and then buy the H- and B-coded models when it comes to the motherboard. If you have a processor that you want to get high performance and even want to overclock for this reason, you should buy a minimum Z series motherboard. Otherwise, even if your system works at full efficiency, the individual performances of the hardware may never see the maximum value.

Power source
If you are building a gaming or business computer, you should choose a power source based on the performance and energy consumption of the components. At this point, our recommendation would be to buy a model between at least 500 and 700 W. But if it is going to be a really high performance system, 1000 W and above can be preferred.

But this is not the most important detail. Many people make a big mistake by buying the first affordable power supply they see because of its high wattage. However, you should choose an 80 Plus gold or bronze certified device. Otherwise, you may experience momentary power cuts while the system is working stably, or you may damage your case in the slightest power outage.