Is whatsapp safe

Reaching more than 2 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp has been holding the title of the most used mobile messaging application for years. On the platform, where over a hundred billion messages are sent every day, many users prefer to use various WhatsApp modes due to the extra features it offers.

Many features currently available in WhatsApp were available through some of these modes before they came to the application. Similarly, it is possible that some of the innovations in these applications will come to the popular messaging application in the future. If you want to experience these mods, we searched for the best and popular versions.

Are WhatsApp mods safe?
There are various mods on the market that many users have been using for years. However, none of these are official versions of the app. In other words, WhatsApp can take legal action against the developers of these alternative versions at any time and cause the application to be closed.

Don’t forget the security issue. WhatsApp has released a series of security updates based on end-to-end encryption in the past years. In this way, any third party was prevented from accessing the data contained in the chat. However, there are no such advanced measures in the modes we mentioned.

The best WhatsApp mods
WhatsApp mods are actually a modified version of the original and added some features on top of it. All of these apps are made and supported by third parties. Many people prefer it because of the innovations they offer. We have brought those applications together for you.

2 different accounts can be used at the same time.
You can always be online.
Lots of emojis and stickers available.
There is a feature to hide chats outside the main board.
It has multi-language support.
It can automatically reply to messages when you are busy or unavailable.
It has customizable custom themes.