Earth 2028

NASA’s Perseverance vehicle continues its research on the surface of Mars for a long time. The vehicle, which will collect as many rock samples as possible in the coming period, will send them to Earth in 2028. The Mars rover, which has been in the news many times recently, seems to increase its popularity in the future.

Legendary Mars rovers are the subject of documentary
The documentary, which will be shot by Amblin Entertainment and Amazon Studios, will bring details about NASA’s previous Mars mission to the screen. The documentary film titled Good Night Oppy will be screened in theaters on November 4, and will be available to watch on Amazon Prime from November 24.

The film, which will be supported by archival footage and computer animations, tells the story of Opportunity and Spirit, two NASA vehicles that landed on the red planet in 2004. The most striking thing in the story of these two was their tenure.

NASA has set a mission duration of approximately 90 days for Opportunity and Spirit. However, these two Mars rovers exceeded all expectations, continuing their mission for 15 years and 6 years, respectively. The trailer of the documentary about this legendary duo was released recently.

Most of the reviews so far for Good Night Oppy, directed by Ryan White, have been positive. It is stated that the documentary is very useful for children who want to become engineers and astrophysicists in the future. It is also stated in the documentary that there are inspirations from the iconic Wall-E movie.

In the documentary, the difficulties that Spirit and Opportunity faced on the surface of Mars during the mission and the navigators overcoming all these adverse conditions are conveyed. During their mission to Mars, Opportunity and Sprit revealed that the distant planet once hosted wet and warm conditions potentially favorable to life.

It can be said that the discoveries made by these two Mars rovers led to the Perseverance mission today. Thanks to Spirit and Opportunity, researchers continue to search for remnants of life on Mars.